Resources For Health Care Learners

Mental Health in the Perinatal Period for Newcomers

Information on perinatal depression, anxiety, and PTSD among immigrants, refugees, and newcomers

How to Make Your Practice Inclusive for 2SLGBTQ+ BIPOC Folx

Five points to help health care staff provide an inclusive and respectful practice for 2SLGBTQ+ BIPOC individuals

Addressing the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma in Black Women with Trauma Informed Care

Information on intergenerational trauma among Black women and the importance of trauma informed care

Ensuring Cultural Safety in Relationships

How to ask questions about sexual assault and/or domestic violence in a sensitive manner when taking a client-centered sexual history,

Safer Virtual Appointments for BIPOC Women

Intimate Partner Violence in South Asian Communities

How to Conduct a Gender-Affirming Sexual & Contraception History

Transmasculine Contraception

Patient-Centered Contraception Counselling

Anti-Asian Racism & The Healthcare System

Black Maternal Health

Black Maternal Health