About BIPOC Women's Health Network

Our Mission Statement

To provide culturally competent, anti-oppressive, and feminist health care resources for health care providers, medical students, and racialized women in local Canadian communities.

Our Mandate

The BIPOC Women’s Health Network aims to provide healthcare resources for serving racialized women in local Canadian communities. We believe providing information that is culturally-sensitive, anti-oppressive, multilingual, feminist, and pro-choice is crucial to addressing healthcare disparities faced by BIPOC women. Our organization is dedicated to accomplishing these goals by providing education for health care providers, medical students, and patients. We are committed to improving healthcare access, advocating for patients, and empowering women to take control of their health.

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Meet the Founders

The BIPOC WHN is an initiative developed by three students from the Schulich School of Medicine at Western University.

Brintha Sivajohan


Brintha completed her Bachelor of Science and is now a second year medical student at Western University. Combined with her passion for women’s health and gender-affirming care she hopes to advocate for healthcare that is more inclusive and attentive to the unique needs of BIPOC women, with the goal of reducing current health disparities.

Claire Dong


Claire earned her Bachelor’s in Medical Sciences followed by a Diploma in Computer Science at Western University. She is a current second year medical student at Western who is passionate about women’s health, providing culturally competent resources, and using her web development skills to provide an inclusive educational platform. 

Dilini Kekulawala


After completing her Bachelor of Medical Sciences, Dilini entered the MD program at Western University, where she is now a second year student. Being passionate about refugee health, pediatric medicine, and advocating for health equity, she hopes to employ these interests to improve health experiences for women across Canada.

Meet the Teams

Content Creation Team

Nilita Sood

Editor in Chief

Liz Dayo

Editor in Chief

Chalani Ranasinghe

Hannah Roberts

Mona Fakhry

Intersectional Community Health Projects Team

Avika Misra

Maiura Muralitharan

Sexual & Reproductive Health Projects Team

Rhea Jangra


Carly Alfano

Amandi Perera

Special thanks to our community mentors & advisors

Dr. Notisha Massaquoi
Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe
Tatiana Ferguson

Dr. Danielle Alcock
Women's Health in Women's Hands
Dr. Marcus Greatheart

River Holland-Valade
Trans Wellness Initative